How are the capacitors and inductors of a low-pass filter Pi-network arranged between the network's input and output?

  1. A capacitor is in parallel with the input, another capacitor is in parallel with the output, and an inductor is in series between the two


A T-network with series capacitors and a parallel (shunt) inductor has which of the following properties?

  1. It transforms impedance and is a high-pass filter


What advantage does a Pi-L-network have over a Pi-network for impedance matching between the final amplifier of a vacuum-tube type transmitter and an antenna?

  1. Greater harmonic suppression


How does a network transform a complex impedance to a resistive impedance?

  1. It cancels the reactive part of an impedance and transforms the resistive part to the desired value


Which filter type is described as having ripple in the passband and a sharp cutoff?

  1. A Chebyshev filter


What are the distinguishing features of an elliptical filter?

  1. Extremely sharp cutoff, with one or more infinitely deep notches in the stop band


What kind of audio filter would you use to attenuate an interfering carrier signal while receiving an SSB transmission?

  1. A notch filter


What kind of digital signal processing audio filter might be used to remove unwanted noise from a received SSB signal?

  1. An adaptive filter


What type of digital signal processing filter might be used in generating an SSB signal?

  1. A Hilbert-transform filter


Which of the following filters would be the best choice for use in a 2-meter repeater duplexer?

  1. A cavity filter


Which of the following is the common name for a filter network which is equivalent to two L networks back-to-back?

  1. Pi


What is a Pi-L network, as used when matching a vacuum-tube final amplifier to a 50-ohm unbalanced output?

  1. A network consisting of two series inductors and two shunt capacitors


What is one advantage of a Pi matching network over an L matching network?

  1. Q of Pi networks can be varied depending on the component values chosen


Which of these modes is most affected by non-linear phase response in a receiver IF filter?

  1. Digital